Monday, November 7, 2011

Li-Young Lee

This is a short poem with the theme revolving around peaches.  It seems very positive and loving, showing the stages of the peaches as they go through until the writer eats them.

I think that this poem reflected life as a parent.  Life starts small in a womb, from blossoms, and as your child grows up you watch them.  You enjoy everything they do, whether watching them fall to learn, to when they learn to succeed.  As you grow older you take the memories with you "O, to take what we love inside, to carry within us an orchard," through everything you always have everything inside.  You carry your children with you forever and where ever you go.  "There are days we life as if death were nowhere in the background," you don't look to when times won't be as good because now you have love and life.  The time it takes to grow the peach, water it, shade it, adoring it and eating it.  You are taking in a living thing and making it you.  You raise your children and they are part of you forever.  They are "impossible blossom, to sweet impossible blossom," showing they are sometimes difficult, as all children are, but they are still so sweet because they are yours and you love them.


  1. I really like the way you interpreted the poem. Its different from all the other opinions expressed in class and yours kind of seems like a really good example of what this poem could be about! You should've shared this in class silly!