Monday, December 5, 2011

Feed Overall

Blame is so crucial in human existence.  Everything has to be someone's fault.  Violet's father blames Titus because he has to blame someone.  He blames himself for buying the cheaper feed.  He blames people but doesn't really blame who is really at fault.  Who is really at fault is abstract and not really anyone in particular at all.  Society has driven his world to the way it is.  The hacker went into her system and destroyed, but really society destroyed the need for thinking.  This groupthink that the feed is useful is what is to blame here.

Why can't humans ever be satisfied?  Why must we think that our perfectly perfect lives could get better?  Because of this we move into this place that will contain feeds.  You can see it now with the iPhone 4GS because it talks back, it knows from what you're saying how to respond.  Is this cool, or scary?  Why do we need technology like this?  Isn't the technology we have good enough; doesn't it do its job?

I so hope this isn't where our society is going to, but I fear that it is.  A computer that is inserted into your brain at such a young age that it actually controls you body.  This scares me more than I could ever describe.  I'm the girl that doesn't have a phone attached to her, that  doesn't care what's going on on facebook and never twitters.  I'm the girl that likes to read books on paper and not a screen, the girl that looks at a map to find my way home on a 24 hour drive instead of looking up mapquest or using a gps.  I'm scared that this world is already so reliant on technology and always having something better that there's no way to stop it.

Overall this book scared the living hell out of me.  Why?  Because it's our society in the years to come.  I would like to say that it's beyond my lifetime but in all reality is it?  With technology advancing as quickly as it is you never know how far away the next big thing is.  I already see our environment on the decline, I know that someday it will be gone and awful as it is in this book.  There are so many people who are blind to see how fast the world is deteriorating with our hands doing it.  People think in the here and now and not in the future, they do little to think about how their actions will have  consequence and what that consequence will be.

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