Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ernest Hemmingway

Alright because I'm going with initial reaction now I'll tell you exactly what I thought when I was finished reading this.

Well damn.

probably more like "well daaayyyum" if I'm being completely honest.

A couple has gone to Africa for a Safari.  They are not happy together but they both know that they're stuck.  When Fancis went to hung the lion he shot him but the lion went into the brush.  Their hunger, Wilson, pointed out how no one likes to go in after a lion because you don't know where he is until you're on him.  The group goes in to look for the lion, as Macomber's wife waits in the car.  When Francis sees the lion he runs away as the others shoot him.  This is one of the most embarrassing moments of his life.  Later back at camp his wife pretends to put it our of her head, as does Wilson but Macomber couldn't get it out.  Later that night Macomber woke up and his wife wasn't there, but when she returns he know immediately what she had been doing.  She had slept with Wilson and he was furious.  Francis wanted to talk about it just then but she said in a very sweet tone that she didn't want to and fell asleep.  In the morning Francis made it so clear how much he hated Wilson and his wife was a very fake nice once again.  They both knew that neither would leave each other.  When they went out for the day's hunt his wife again came along.  This time Francis show the buffalo and had such a high.  He immediately go confidence and his wife noticed.  One of the buffalo had gone into the brush and the men had to go in and look for it to kill it.  This time Francis wasn't scared and he went in to help.  the men were shooting the buffalo, when all of the sudden the wife shot a bullet from the gun in the car and it struck Francis and killed him.  Wilson said "don't worry people will think it was an accident,"  different sayings like that.  Macomber's wife is sobbing and telling Wilson to shut up but he wont, and she says please shut up and he says thank you that was much better.

I knew something was going to happen as soon as the wife noticed the confidence that Francis had gotten from the kill.  She was in control until that moment.  She could do whatever she wanted because she knew that he wasn't going anywhere, that they were both stuck.  Yet, when Francis realized that he had confidence and could leave his wife and still had time to find someone it was apparent.  Wilson even said at the end, "he would have left you."  It's like the kill was so eye opening for him, he didn't have to be controlled by his wife and didn't have to put up with the way she treated him.  His wife was so comfortable with this relationship because she knew he wouldn't leave her, and she couldn't leave him because she had passed her prime.  That's why she felt she could sleep with Wilson because she completely dominated the relationship.  Whatever she said or did Francis had to go along with it and had to be okay with it because he was stuck.

But not anymore, and he knew it and she knew it.  So she had to stop it from happening.  Now that he was dead people will feel sorry for her that her husband died.  Not looking at the fact that it wasn't an accident at all.

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