Sunday, October 30, 2011

Feed Part 1

Titus and his friends decide to go to the moon for spring break because there wasn't anything to do at home.  Titus tries to sleep on the ride but his friends were being loud and obnoxious and he wasn't able to.  When they got to the no gravity zone he decided there wasn't a use trying to sleep when everyone else was having fun.  They got to the moon and the girls got their room and the boys there.  Titus was hoping to find someone on the moon to hook up with, he tells us how lonely it gets after the party going home alone.  The group tries to get into a party, most of the time it works because as a group they look older than they are, but this time it didn't.  They went to a club where there's no gravity and you fly around and hit each other.  It was there that Titus saw her, the beautiful girl that stood in the food area just watching all of them like they were idiots.  He followed her when he could, she was in the snack bar so he ordered a snack and watched her, she was wearing wool.  When she thought no one was looking she would let her juice come out of her mouth and watch it in the no gravity and she would lick with her tongue again.  The group came over then and he hoped they would shut up because they didn't really sound that smart.  The girls went to the bathroom because hairstyles had changed, Titus was talking about the girl and Link asked what she was wearing.  Titus replied that it was wool, like from an animal.  When Quendy returned from the bathroom she was upset that no one told her that her lesion had spread.  They all had lesions, everyone was getting them.  They assured her that it hadn't and if she met someone she didn't know before they wouldn't know what she looked like without it.  The guys told her to ask the girl in gray, and she said that it showcased her face because of where it was on her head.  It wasn't on a main line so it actually brought attention to her face, her's was on her neck and she wanted it to go all the way around her neck to look like a necklace but it wasn't there yet.  After this all of the other guys became fascinated with her and kept asking her to help them with their lesions and kept hitting on her.  At one point she stopped and looked at Titus and only at him, looking to see if he was going to say something too to hit on her, but he didn't have anything to say.  The girls and the girl in the gray spent time arranging Quendy's hair so that it showcased her lesion, which was good for Quendy because she's usually not the one in the center of attention.  They were all bored and decided they wanted to go to a club but first they wanted to get drunk.  They tried a place that wasn't supposed to ID but it had been torn down a year ago and there was a mall there now, so they all went in and went shopping.  No one really found anything that they liked but some people bought things anyways.  When they were done it was later and they still weren't drunk so they went back to the hotel and tried to break the locks off of the mini fridges but it was no use and all of the girls were watching something on their feeds.  They decided to go to the club without drinking and on the way there was a protest against the moon and even some were shouting about the feed, a chip in my head is death.  When they got to the club it was clear that Violet was uncomfortable but she said she would get used to it.  Titus and her were talking for a bit and they didn't like each other when all of the sudden the artificial gravity got turned off and Violet grabbed Titus, she apologized as they were floating down and he said it wasn't a problem.  They were all there when an old man with a bow tie came over to them and with his iron hand touched them and they all started broadcasting, yelling "We enter a time of calamity," over and over.  They couldn't speak even when they tried, they couldn't move, they couldn't do anything.  Titus saw the police coming and they beat the old man over the head which was when he finally stopped and they all stopped.  That's when Violet and Titus were finally able to hold hands and the police were saying in all of the kids' ears that they were going to have to turn them off now and when they did they all fell to the ground and that was it.

There were also what seemed to be advertisements that were in-between different chapters for different shows, products and places to go.

I was very confused what the feed was until the group passed the protesters and said the rant about the computer chips in their heads.  It's a tough reality to face but this almost seems where we're heading.  Everyone is obsessed with technology and people my age say that their phone is their life!  It seems no one can go anywhere without their cell phone.  When my father went to school there were only a few people who had laptops in class because only a few people could afford them, now there's only a few people with laptops in class because their laptop is too  big to bring to class so they have their IPad 2.  When you're hanging out with anyone they're always on their phone texting, whether it's people who are in the same room as you or people elsewhere.  We have the internet on almost every phone and if you don't have a phone that is capable of using the internet you're seen as having an "ancient" phone and people tell you to upgrade.  I'm sure there are many people who would see the benefits in having a chip in your head so that you didn't even have to have a phone you could just do everything in your head.  Having a tv right in your head would be so "beneficial" to people because then they wouldn't have to be at an actual tv to watch tv they could watch it at anytime.

I love how the fact that Violet is wearing wool is so strange.  She seems like she's from a different time, not like the others.  However, she does have a computer chip because she is turned off at the end of part 1 so she couldn't be from another time.  This is her first experience to the moon and doesn't seem like she's been to Mars either.  This seems rare for this time because it almost seems fairly inexpensive to go to the Moon because this group of high school students did it last minute.  I thought it was very strange, the Moon.  I think the reason the Moon is so great is because it is so rare to go to and such a special experience for astronauts.  Yet Titus described the moon as cold, full of trash and nothing but boulders.  He said that once the novelty has worn off there really isn't anything that wonderful about the moon, just that it brings him loneliness.

These lesions almost seem like acne today, but way grosser.  Everyone is still obsessed with how they look and Quendy is stressed that hers is on her face.  Violet's reassurance that it accentuates her face gives her confidence and makes the others want to know about their lesions.  I want to know what they're from and why people are getting them.  Titus says that the lesions are something that people are starting to get now.  So what are they that we're getting them now?


  1. You did a really good job on this blog post of feed part one. I didn't really understand what the chip was either until that same situation. The chips seem like they would be a good idea, but at the same time..who would want something in their head telling them things all the time and suggesting ideas.

    The lesions...yeah they creeped me out. Your right, the seem like a relation of acne today but a grosser version of it which is really disgusting. Why in the world would you think it was okay to have something that almost took over your whole face that oozed out liquid and gross things.

    Violet and her sweater outfit, seemed like she was from like our society today..because you see people today wearing the same things. But she did have a chip as well just like the others. But I don't understand why she was and acted so different from everyone else.

  2. I have a ton of questions about Violet. I'm truly interested to see who/what she ends up being! I love the cotton outfit, shows the "old world" which happens to be ours.

    The gross oozing lesions seem disgusting to us, but isn't acne pretty gross too? It happens to all of us, it's pretty much part of life. That's part of their world so it's not like they can really help it. I just wonder if there's more meaning to it or not.