Sunday, October 16, 2011

T. S. Eliot "The Wasteland"

Well wasn't this just the most confusing piece to read on the planet? I kind of just want to make my blog post a large question mark and leave it at that:


but I won't.

This is split into five different sections, though it didn't help  me a bit.  The titles didn't always make sense compared to what was written in that section.  There are many different ideas talked about ranging all over the spectrum.  The meaning behind a lot is lost on me because I don't read poetry well.  The way in which he wrote changed at different parts of the poem, which also threw me off.

Section 4 seemed very sad to me, and it also confused me.  Being dead totally sucks, but are these two dead dead or just dead inside?  They have been dead for a fortnight(line 313) but talking about he passed the stages of his youth and entered a whirlpool.  To me this seemed like they fell into a bad drinking habit maybe(hints death by water?) and then they looked back on their lives and the different stages all while or before being swept into the whirlpool of drinking and spinning around in this habit just stuck and can't get out. I was got caught in a whirl pool just off the coast when I was younger and I couldn't get out, only when I was pulled out by my oldest brother was I free from the encircling fear that I had.

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